Thursday, July 12, 2012

On Red Flags

What are your red flags? What are the things you notice about yourself that tell you it's time for a time-out or a check-in? For me, they've become easier to spot:

When I catch myself comparing: big ol' red flag in my face. This ranges anywhere from comparing my outfit/looks/body with those of strangers on the street to comparing my career with actors on my television to comparing my personal life with former high school classmates on facebook. Which leads me to the next point on my list..

When I find myself spending way too much time on social media sites: hello, twitter, facebook, blogs, gangs all here. Clicking back and forth and back and forth - woah, halt, stop.

When I feel myself getting angry/frustrated/panicked from things like tourists who are walking unbearably slowly, in a line straight across so there's no passing. From waiting for a train so long that I'm definitely going to be late. From being lost in the lower east side with a dead cell phone and a postal worker yelling at me for no justifiable reason. Breathe, child.

When I am not making time to eat or work out, and/or am feeling badly about eating or working out.

When these things hit, I check in:
Why am I not focused on my own life and my own journey? 
What am I avoiding doing or dealing with in my real life?
Where do I feel like I am lacking and why am I trying to find it online? 
Why am I letting other people or situations affect my emotions?
Don't I know that my happiness is solely controlled by me?
Why am I not giving my body what it needs?
Why am I feeling guilty?

As soon as I start answering my own questions, a calm settles in. Other red flag fast fixes are getting away from my computer, taking in fresh air, taking a pup for a walk, and amping up the Love I feel for myself. Meditation is also pretty key in my life and choosing to meditate twice every day is something that keeps these red flags from being frequent visitors. Plus, the health benefits are astronomical so I get feel good vibes from knowing I am doing something wonderful for myself.

What about you? What signs do you notice right before you lose it, pick a fight, snap at someone, or end up crying? What makes you pay attention to yourself and how you're feeling? How do you catch yourself and remedy the situation?

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