Tuesday, June 26, 2012

truthFULL: tuesday's thoughts

i was en route to the movies. feeling like a six year old is a perfectly wonderful excuse to go see the latest children's movie. so, Brave it was. i was a few blocks away when a gust of wind picked up out of nowhere, wrapping up and around me before moving on. goosebumps settled on my skin from head to toe and in that moment, with the wind as it's messenger, the entire Universe quietly spoke a truth into my ears:

everything is going to be fine.

i was running along the river. feeling like it's time to go for a run is a perfectly wonderful way to make the decision to start running again. i was a good while into it when i felt the energy of another being running with me. all of the tension in my body released and a wide smile spread across my face. i felt like i was floating and with a resounding reassurance, it was as though i was being told:

everything is going to be fine.

there is magick everywhere if you pay close enough attention. there are messages being sent to you all the time. put your ears away and listen with your soul, with your being. close your eyes and see with your heart. give your mouth a rest and speak with your body, with your actions. let your brain settle and make choices from your gut. i am telling this to you, but mostly i am telling this to me:

everything is going to be fine.

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