Friday, June 15, 2012

FULLweek: Friday's Letters

Dear Noah, you are 99% sweetness, 1% devil and I love it all.

Dear Henry, I miss you like crazy when you're staying with Grammy. 
Four days away is four days too many for this puppy-mama.

Dear Tourists, please stop taking horse & carriage rides. Please. It is not a precious memory for the scrapbooks, it is animal cruelty. Stop it.

Dear head coach of Miami Heat, I have a giant crush on you.

Dear Reality Show Casting Teams, first you called about my dog (twice) and now my mom. what's a girl gotta do to be the one you're calling about?! (i reserve the right to change this thought.)

Dear J & J, there is an immense joy in seeing the two of you become parents. I'm over the moon for both of you and inspired by the Love that lives between you.

Dear M & J, welcome to the world!!! I can't wait to meet you <3

p.s. Friday's Letters was started by this blog:
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and not some cruel way to tell you i'm engaged ;)

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