Friday, May 18, 2012

GrateFULL: visiting BARC!

For my birthday this year, I asked friends and family to not buy me any gifts and instead, to donate to the Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition - better known as BARC!

Yesterday, I visited BARC for the very first time! I got to walk this beautiful girl, Colleen!

Colleen, who is available for adoption, was so good on our walk!
She is a total sweetheart and has so much Love to give to her future lucky family.
She also put up with our mini-photo shoot & dealt with me leaning down to talk to her nonstop :)

While I was there, I also got to visit with the other dogs including Yankee, who is the main reason I fell in love with BARC. Pre-shelter, Yankee had both sets of paws tied up so long that he can't use the front ones. He has a rad wheelchair and can pick his head up pretty well. While I don't have any pictures (I was way too absorbed in loving him) I can tell you that little guy is the coolest. 
He let me pet him, wagged his tail and looked up every time I moved away from him, making little noises that I took to mean 'come back, come back!'. Pups like this (& every animal) deserve the best care in the world and I'm so proud to have raised some money for them this year. 
To those who've donated: thank you, thank you, thank you.
You have made this birthday the best one I've ever had.
My birthday is on Sunday, May 20th and I'm currently at 93% to my goal.
If you want to donate to my birthday wish, you can join in here.

If you're a New Yorker, you can volunteer to walk a dog almost any day of the week!
(check the website for exact days and times)

Please, please, please: when it comes to pets, ADOPT and don't shop.
There are thousands of shelter animals waiting for their forever home.
Get educated, get informed & get active to help animals in need in your community.
It would be the best birthday gift in the world.

Big love & thanks to Rop, who runs BARC, for his gigantic heart,
for the tour of the facility and for answering my endless questions.
Many thanks also to Kaitlin for coming with me.

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