Monday, April 2, 2012

StyleFULL: Time After Time

I've never been much of a watch gal. While I dig them on men, I think it's more that I love the way men talk about and show off their watches with such pride and joy. Precious.

Anyway, I recently took a 4-part Meditation class that has thus inspired me to find a watch! Timing is key for this type of meditation and since I don't keep any clocks in my apartment, I've had to sneak peeks at my all too distracting iPhone.

Naturally, I am obsessing over Kate Spade's new watch collection. Here are my favs:

I'm completely swooning over the Gramercy Crystal. 
The Carousel Bangle comes in many colors, each with their own unique inscription.
The turquoise one reads "dive in", pink says "tickled pink" & yellow states "a place in the sun".

In related news, my talented pal Dustin Cohen has recently released the second video in his Made In Brooklyn series. Huffington Post featured the video last week and quoted the featured subject as saying, "... there's a little bit of a luxury of having something mechanical on your wrist, 
something that you can look at and tell what time it is and that it is little more alive."

Maybe there is something to this whole watch wearing thing :)

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