Monday, March 12, 2012

What A Wonderful Boy You Are.

Well, hello there boys.

GQ recently chose their favorite fashion forward 30 under-30 male actors.

Needless to say, it's a delightful little slideshow to click through.

Boys: take note! Fashion can be easy! Even, dare I say it, fun. Every guy in this list has their own unique style and stays true to themselves. My favorite example? Michael B. Jordan (Parenthood, swoon) and his chronic cardigans. He looks fantastic but shows he knows who he is while also being the most comfortable guy in the room.

I love men's fashion. Love it. I often find myself, while shopping, looking at clothing that I'm totally drooling over only to then realize that it's not stuff I would wear but instead, what my dream well-dressed dude would rock. That being said, there's also something insanely delightful about a guy who has no clue how to dress, throws random things on and still looks ridiculously well-dressed. That messy, casual thing. (This is true for women, too! But this post has nothing to do with you ladies, sorry.)

All right, what say you? Agree with the list? Think they left someone out? Couldn't possibly care less about men's clothing or style at all? Sweet! Let's hear it!

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